Meet the entrepreneurs, experts, researchers and rescue services ready to make Safe Passage a reality.

Gwilym Gibbons

  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Social Enterprise 
  • Lifeboat Volunteer

Gwilym Gibbons FRSA is founder of Creative Help Ltd and a Member of Nith Inshore Rescue. He has led projects worth over £30m in the past five years and raised investment of over £80m.

Dr Ciara McGrath

  • Technical Management 
  • Space Mission Analysis

Dr Ciara McGrath is a Research Associate at the University of Strathclyde with expertise in space mission analysis. She is technical team lead and responsible for satellite data assessment.

Dr Ruaridh Clark 

  • Change Detection 
  •  Automation

Dr Ruaridh Clark is a Research Associate at the University of Strathclyde with expertise in network systems. His novel change detection will form the foundation of the service.

Dr Carmine Clemente

  • Synthetic Aperture Radar 
  • Automatic Target Recognition

Dr Carmine Clemente is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Strathclyde with expertise in radar signal processing. He has received over £1 million of support for research and knowledge exchange activities in the last 5years.

Prof Malcolm Macdonald 

  • Satellite Applications 
  •  Space Start-ups

Professor Malcolm Macdonald, University of Strathclyde, is a professional space technology engineer, academic & director with expertise in space technology and satellite applications. He is the Director of the Scottish Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications, and a Non-Executive Board Member of the UK Space Agency.


Dr David McKee 

  • Oceanography 
  • Optical Remote Sensing

Dr David McKee, University of Strathclyde, brings expertise in ocean remote sensing.

Nith Inshore Rescue

Nith Inshore Rescue are a lifeboat service and prospective user.

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