Learn how you can support us as we make the Safe Passage service a reality.

About the Safe Passage Service

Safe Passage is a high value niche data as a service (DaaS) with a global reach into a primary market with a value est. at 9.5 billion USD.

The Safe Passage business model: 

  • Business-to-business (B2B) based on API monetization. 
  • The Safe Passage data will be licensed to navigation app developers and Digital Nautical Chart (DNC) service providers.

Service payment options: 

  • Monthly subscription (fixed fee)
  • Monthly subscription (25% royalty-fee for all on-sales)
  • Annual fee

Non-profit Search and Rescue organisations will also be able to use aspects of the service for free. 

Potential market applications

The market for subscription chart data feeds is anticipated to grow. Here’s why: 

  • More vessels are moving towards DNC service providers.
  • Commercial boat license requirements now specify that vessels have regular updated charts.

There are also secondary market applications: 

  • Defence
  • Coastguard agencies
  • Tidal energy developers
  • Shoreline shing 
  • Shellfish collection

How you can support Safe Passage

Would you like a conversation to learn more about Safe Passage and how you can partner with and support us? Get in touch at info@safepassage.scot

Our future

The potential for Safe Passage to save more lives and regenerate small ports.

Meet the team

Meet the team ready to make Safe Passage a reality.