Safe passage will provide a unique Business-to-Business (B2B) service that will enhance digital navigation systems across the globe.

The potential of Safe Passage 

 Coastal communities globally have, for millennia, formed around ports within our estuaries. A small proportion grew into the large-scale shipping ports of today, with the requirement of regular dredging or mapping of channels. As vessels grew, thousands of ports ceased to be economically viable to maintain.

Now, vessels around the world that are operating in areas with large tidal ranges and shifting sands rely on local knowledge and hope that channels have not moved since the last known safe passage was found. 

The currently unpredictable nature of these estuaries means there are areas of prime leisure and commercial traffic that are underused. For rescue services who need to navigate at speed, knowing the course of the channel is vital to reach casualties, without becoming casualties themselves.

Safe Passage has the potential to save more lives and regenerate small ports by providing reliable mapping of the natural channels, removing the need for dredging.

The Safe Passage service

Safe passage will provide a unique Business-to-Business (B2B) service that will enhance the functionality and value of digital navigation systems installed in vessels across the globe. 

Safe Passage will fill the gaps in coastal marine charts. Safe Passage will visualise dynamic tidal channels. The Safe Passage service will provide a regularly updated feed direct to navigation screens installed in vessels. 

The solution uses established end-user equipment and marine chart update delivery methods. This means there is no need for new hardware or specific software.

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